The Tokyo Canadian Club make regular donations to charities in Tokyo and Canada.  TCCers are enthousiastic participants of the annual Terry Fox Run and have held past events to raise money for Terry Fox.

Japan Canada Scholarship Fund

In 2010, The Tokyo Canadian Club continued to suport this charity and donated 250,000 yen to the Japan/Canada Scholarship Fund which helps Japanese children learn English and more about Canada by sending them for a homestay in Canada.

Haiti Earthquake Fund

Through Hope Internation, the Tokyo Canadian Club donated proceeds from the 34th annual barbecue in 2009 to the Haiti Earthquake relief.  Our donation of 300,000 Yen was used to buy medical supplies to help the earthquake victims.

80th Anniversary Canada Scholarship Program

Canada and Japan established diplomatic relations in 1928, and the first Canadian legation in Tokyo opened the following year in 1929.  The 80th Anniversary Scholarship Program, which aims to develop a network of enthusiastic people who will become future bridges between Canada and Japan. Applicants write an essay expressing an innovative idea in which you imagine your future and how you can contribute to economic, academic, or human relations between Canada and Japan. The authors of 80 selected essays received scholarships to help them study in Canada.

80 students received awards of 80,000 yen each.

The Tokyo Canadian Club, from our various fund-raising events, have donated 1 million yen to this special scholarship fund.



In 2007, the Tokyo Canadian Club donated proceeds from the 32nd annual barbecue to the YMCA/FCSC (Young Mens Christian Association/Foreign Community Supporting Community).  The YMCA/FCSC donate money to help mentally and physically challenged children, learning disabled children and youth and other YMCA programs that serve the needy or underpriveleged.

100,000 Yen was donated to this charity in 2007.

A local charity that has been a recipient is Pony Friends, in Tokyo.

In 2003, the TCC donated 1 million yen to the Prince Takamado Visiting Student Scholarship. The Scholarship, created in Honour of His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado, is open to a second or third year undergraduate student in any discipline, who is presently enrolled at a Japanese university. The Scholarship is comprehensive covering tuition, room and board and round trip economy airfare from Japan.

Money raised originally in memory of Simon Bumstead, our founding member, was donated to this scholarship fund.  Canadian Amsbassador Robert G. Wright is shown below receiving a cheque from Michael Kimeda and Shelley Bearse of the Tokyo Canadian Club.


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