Creating a chatbot: the whole process of developing your own


The chatbot is a programme that is increasingly in demand on websites. Among the possibilities to get one, custom creation is one of the most interesting. It is less expensive and results in a chatbot that meets the user's own requirements. However, it is essential to know the creation process.

Designing the basics of your chatbot

Rather than creating a chatbot from scratch, some people prefer to buy one. The site that appears after the click is the original source to know the cost of such a purchase. But when the initiative to develop a chatbot is taken, certain prerequisites must be met. Whether the creation is for commercial or personal use, everything starts from the chat scenarios. 

The designer is called upon to determine precisely the role that his bot will play. Based on this detail, the possible turns of the discussions are easily identifiable. They all have to be integrated into the program before starting the parameterisation. It is clear that a chatbot that serves as a support will conduct different conversations than one that manages purchases on a site. The hard work begins after this step. 

Configuring the bot's parameters and enriching it 

Once the bot's conversation frames are defined, the designer begins the language processing. At this stage, the developer creates the bot's data. The possible questions and the corresponding answers are to be planned. They can be harmonised with the customer data if available. This facilitates the choice of jargon and technical expressions useful to the programme. 

Giving a personality to your creation is the touch that creates naturalness in conversations with customers. A name is not enough for the occasion. It is necessary to choose whether the chatbot will be on first-name or last-name terms with the interlocutors. In this way, the developer is already able to start training the bot in order to increase its performance tenfold. To enrich it, an image recognition system would be a good complement.