How long does SEO take?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists in positioning a website on the first pages of a search engine result. Thus, any company operating online and wishing to increase its visibility can turn to SEO. That said, unlike SEA, natural referencing is done on the long term. Read on to get an idea of what good SEO looks like and how long it lasts.

What can influence the SEO time ?

The tools for SEO are diverse and revolve mainly around three pillars. We must mention content, technique and netlinking and you will learn more about this home. But also, the SEO optimization takes into account the performance of the website. So, the more the site has all the tools, the faster it will be referenced.
In addition, older websites get their SEO optimization quickly. In addition, it should be noted that the size of the site can also count. Therefore, a larger site tends to get more backlinking, to be more easily found by search engines after optimization. That said, the operation will be more effective and faster, if an expert takes care of it. You will have to spend accordingly.

How long to wait for SEO optimization ?

SEO is not a simple job to do, even with the experts. On the contrary, it requires more time and a lot of effort. Just imagine that your site has to outrank billions of other websites on Google to get to the front of the line to know how complicated and intense it can be. That being said, the SEO expert can give an exact time frame for your page to appear among the top.
Generally speaking, sites take more than a few months to appear in the top rankings. But it will also depend on the professional who helped optimize the site. So, if you have an old site, performing well, with a good SEO for the optimization work, you can expect a faster result after a few weeks.