How to build a bay pool?  

 For the comfort of oneself and to spend bay moments in the open air or in the sun, building a pool is a good project. Indeed, the pool depending on the space can be outdoor or indoor. How to build a bay pool? What are the types of modern pool shapes? In this article, find out all the information on this subject. 

The nature of the ground

Depending on the location of your pool, it is important to check the nature of the soil of your house. check this link right here now for more assurance. This verification will allow you to know what are the adequate precautions to take for a better construction. However, consult a specialized company in the field for an analysis. A diversity of soil including: limestone, clay, sandy, and therefore a treatment adapted for durability and good condition of your pool.

The positioning of your pool       

Your pool must be built in such a way as to be exposed to the sun. An abundance of wind is a bad factor for the water of the pool. The sun's temperature heats the water, which gives you a gentle warmth after your bath. Thus, it is wise to carefully consider the position of your pool. Although the sun is a key factor, consider a location where shade can be placed over your pool. While heat is best for your bathing, the effect of wind is also crucial.

The look of your pool

A variety of pool shapes are veiled. You therefore have a wide choice to decide how your water will look. However, it is important to take into consideration the space reserved for your construction. Considering this, you can choose a rectangle, free form, oval or round shape, etc. 

Also, reconciling all this information for your pool, the last step is the cost of realization. The indoor pool is priced higher than its outdoor counterpart, due to the specific equipment of each. A budget in the order of thousands of euros is to be expected.