Some techniques to remotely disable the house alarm

The house alarm is a security system adopted by many households because of its effectiveness in protecting the house and those who live there. However, there are many situations where it is necessary to deactivate it. With this article, we will discover some ways to do it remotely.

Deactivation from the alarm control panel

Alarm designers have provided several ways to deactivate an alarm. This deactivation, you can try this out from the central. With this method, access to the total protection mode is impossible on the central alarm station of the house. To do this, opt for the remote control to do it from a certain distance. Otherwise, if you prefer to deactivate your home alarm in partial protection mode, you will have to do so manually by simply pressing the button with an open padlock. As soon as you press this key, the symbol will start flashing to indicate that you are now in the protection mode. When you are ready to stop it, press the corresponding icon.

Deactivation from the access badge reader

This way of deactivation makes your life easier. Without any contact with your equipment, it is possible to activate or deactivate the alarm system in a single gesture. The only tool you will use is your access badge. No need to enter a code or to get lost by forcing your memory to work. For this method, simply wave your badge in front of the reader. After this passage, the edge of the reader will light up in green. For half a second, the reader will examine the reliability of the card before deactivating the alarm. The reader will be red to indicate that the card passed by the reader is invalid. This second technique is the easiest. It saves the time of typing a secret code. The only effort you have to make is to present your card.