The world still has countries without a single dose of vaccine

While in countries like the US and UK vaccination against covid-19 is advancing rapidly, in other parts of the planet the campaign has not even started. A situation described as absurd by the Secretary General of the WHO.

Countries in Africa, Asia and some countries in Europe do not have enough vaccine

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 600 million doses of covid-19 vaccine have been applied worldwide. But the gap between countries is significant: while, for example, almost 100% of Gibraltar's population has already been vaccinated, countries like Nicaragua are still waiting for the first doses. On the global immunization map, there is still a whole series of African countries awaiting the arrival of doses from Libya to Madagascar. These countries are not even included in the WHO immunization statistics. The situation is similar in Central Asia, as well as in countries such as North Korea, Cuba and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This does not mean, however, that these countries have not received any vaccines so far. Bosnia is expected to receive its first major drop shipment in late May, but has already had access to some doses donated by neighboring Serbia.

African countries without vaccine

"As far as Africa is concerned, we have the good news that 44 countries have already received vaccine supplies. But at the same time, it also means that ten countries have so far received no vaccine," says Clemens Schwanhold, from the NGO to fight HIV / AIDS, UNE poverty. Madagascar, Burundi and Eritrea are among the governments that believed the virus could be fought in other ways. Tanzania, however, has undergone a change of opinion following the sudden death of President John Magufuli, a science denier, after unconfirmed rumors of covid infection. A broad coalition of humanitarian organizations and other groups has called for covid vaccine patent waivers to help address this problem.