Travel lingerie: learn how to choose the right models

When you're packing for travel, we're often excited about looks that can't be missed. And we ended up forgetting to think about which lingerie is best suited to travel. Thinking about it, we've separated a few must-have lingerie options for those who want to be warned on any tour.

Price for comfort

A comfortable piece of lingerie is one that does not disturb the feel of the fabric or seams, and also goes well with the clothes you want to wear. That way, when creating the looks of the trip, ype of panties and bra that best matches each piece. In addition, bet on the right fabrics, which allow good breathing between your body and the environment and which are anti-allergic such as cotton and super microfiber.

Bet on lace lingerie

Another safe option for travel of all kinds is lace lingerie. Very versatile, they bring that touch of sensuality in good measure, but they are also comfortable and can compose different styles. In addition, the lace pieces can be used both to vary the look leaving the lingerie exposed, as is the current trend as well as on a date or a special evening.

Choose neutral tones

If in doubt about which pieces of lingerie to choose, don't give up neutral tones, especially black, white and nude. Well, pieces in black or white are basic and move very well in combinations with the most diverse colors of blouses and dresses. Meanwhile, the nude can be your best friend. In addition to inhibiting transparency, it is perfect for productions where lingerie is in the background. Use pieces in your skin tone when you want to highlight the look of a neckline or suspender detail of a blouse, for example.