What are the criteria for choosing a video surveillance camera for a house under construction ?

Today, more and more individuals and professionals are equipped with cameras for surveillance of their home or workplace. On the market, several video surveillance cameras exist and the choice becomes difficult. To select its video surveillance device, some technical criteria must necessarily be taken into account.

The image quality and resolution

It is important to remember that the quality or sharpness of an image is directly related to the resolution of a video surveillance camera installed as part of the protection of a site under construction. To be able to exploit the images captured, it is necessary to opt for a device with a particularly high resolution. Feel free to go to this website to learn more. 

Depending on the camera chosen, there are several levels of image quality. Therefore, if you choose an SD camera, you will benefit from the standard definition. The image may be pixelated and faces will be difficult to recognize. If you buy a 720p HD camera, you will benefit from high definition that will offer good image quality. Finally, if you choose a 1080p HP video, you will enjoy a very high definition. The captured images will be very detailed, but you will need an excellent internet connection to make the data transmission.

The other technical aspects to consider when buying a video surveillance camera

In addition to the resolution of the camera, you should also consider the location you plan to monitor with this device. If the goal is to optimize the security of the interior of the dwelling, it will be necessary to bet on an interior camera. This equipment is usually discreet and fits best in the home. If you are looking for a very discreet design device that you can hide in objects for example, you can turn to the spy camera or the mini-camera. 

On the other hand, if your goal is to monitor the outside, it will be necessary to choose a more resistant model. The strength of a video surveillance camera is defined by the waterproof standards mentioned on the product (IP 65, IP 66 ...). These figures allow you to know the degree of protection against external aggressions such as water, dust, solid bodies, etc.. The higher the protection rating of a camera, the more resistant it is to the elements.