What is the Japanese hair washing procedure?

You have frizzy and curly hair. At times you have tried a variety of techniques in order to have more beautiful and fuller hair. Now is not the time to be discouraged. Through reading this guide, you will discover new techniques to properly care for and wash your hair the Japanese way.

The basics of Japanese straightening

After straightening, you notice that your hair that was smooth two days ago is no longer smooth on the third day. Now, it is not advisable to straighten your hair several times in a week. It is dangerous for your hair. What should you do about it? You will have to opt for Japanese straightening. This type of straightening is very beneficial. It remains stable over a period of four to six months. Indeed, Japanese straightening is one of the most effective straightening inventions among many others. You will find out here now that this type of straightening guarantees very straight hair. There is no need for hair dryers or straightening irons. However, if you have weak hair, do not use Japanese straightening. To get a good result after Japanese straightening, it is recommended not to touch the hair for 48 hours.

The steps for successful Japanese straightening

Any straightening follows different steps. When it comes to Japanese straightening, the first step would be washing your hair. By doing this, you remove all the impurities that are in your hair. After washing the hair, it is imperative to apply a moisturizing mask that will boost the effect of the straightener used for Japanese straightening. The hair must now be dried and the straightener must be applied to each strand on the head. With this procedure, there is no risk that your hair will be destroyed or damaged. After a few minutes, rinse your hair to remove the applied product. After rinsing, dry your hair before thinking about straightening it with milk. Let the hair rest for about fifteen minutes after straightening. Finish your procedure now by shampooing. With the internal structure of the hair changed, you have just achieved smooth hair.