What type of camera to choose for its timelapses ?

The timelapse consists in capturing a series of photographs with a regular time interval and over a fixed period. Thanks to the evolution of technology, the tools to make this creation are more developed. To better make its timelapses, here are the appropriate cameras.

The sports cameras

To make a timelapse, it is useful to know the techniques, but especially to have an appropriate camera. There are sports cameras with specific programs for timelapses, which you can check over here.

These tools are known to perfectly immortalize moments of bike races, hikes and all his sports outings. And thanks to their system with an excellent sensor and an adequate screen for framing, they are used in various ways to make a successful timelapse.

Also, with their high resolution, sports cameras are excellent to facilitate the processing of photos. However, these devices can have disadvantages for shooting over a long period of time. That said, a smartphone, a camera or a specific camera can also handle timelapse properly.

Specialized cameras for timelapses

To make professional timelapses, the use of cameras programmed for this purpose is advantageous. They are often found with waterproof cases and cameras with automatic triggers. Also, these tools for timelapses offer the possibility of a 180° shot. Their batteries are more powerful for regular and long-lasting use.

That said, specialized timelapse cameras are equipped with technology that can send data via 4G. These devices also have solar panels, capable of covering the autonomy over a good period.

In addition, it is possible to take reflex cameras, very autonomous, allowing monitoring of construction sites in ultra resolution. The daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly realization of timelapses is easier with these devices.
Nevertheless, for a better profitability, it is important to choose the right timelapse camera.