Which mirror for your bathroom ?

Like all other mirrors, the mirror in the bathroom also gives your reflection. Just that here, it can help you review your clothing, makeover your body or brush your teeth. But this mirror should also be aesthetic and practical. Here are some criteria for selecting mirrors that are compatible with your bathroom.

The style of your mirror

A mirror in a bathroom should bring elegance to the room. Above all, go here to read more.
So, before making a choice, it will be necessary to consider the style of the room where the mirror will be installed. That said, when the decoration of the room is luxurious, the mirror should not come to depare the whole. That being said, if you have preferred a creative decorating style for your bathroom, then the mirror can have a wooden backing to bring a warm atmosphere to the space.
However, there are several shapes of mirrors, including rectangular, triangular, square and round. It is possible to opt for a borderless mirror when you want to keep it simple. But you can also play with creativity by opting for an ultra cozy style with a mirror with rounded shapes.

The size of your mirror

Mainly, if you are in family, the mirror of the bathroom must be accessible to everyone. Otherwise, it should still be at a certain level where your visitors should be able to use it (large as well as small). However, it is best if the length of the mirror is not too short. Preferably, you should opt for dimensions almost equal to that of the sink or cabinet below the mirror.
In addition, two to three mirrors in one room provides more light and optimizes the space. On the other hand, large bathrooms will be more appealing with a free-standing mirror.
Finally, you can choose connected mirrors, mirrors with integrated clock, mirrors with LED lighting, anti-fog mirrors and even mirrors with infrared sensor.