Why buy used goods?

Buying second hand goods can be advantageous. They are economical since they are already used and therefore cannot be resold at the same price. In addition to this advantage, you will discover in this article the range of advantages that second hand goods offer you.

Used goods are cheaper

Buying an item that still holds its shape at a lower cost and with a warranty of up to one year for electrical appliances, that's what second hand offers.  Indeed, the original source of a quality used item and can last over time. Once the original owners of these items get tired of using them, they sell them for less. For example, you can find a table that only needs a coat of paint for 30 € when it was originally worth 100 €.

Then you can have an almost new blender for 10 €, a large bathroom mirror for only 5 €. Isn't that amazing? These are the types of advantages that second hand goods offer. If you have a small budget and want to buy clothes, the solution would be to choose second hand ones that are cheaper and still in good shape.

Advantageous for the environment

Second hand goods not only have cost advantages, they are also good for the environment. Reusing items offers benefits to the environment. When an object or appliance is reused, it prevents it from becoming a waste product for the environment. In addition, reusing an object avoids buying a new one. This is a great saving for the raw materials used to manufacture it.

Let's take as an example the manufacturing of a fridge or a computer. It requires 900 kWh, which is a few figures below the annual electricity consumption of an energy-saving household. The second example is the production of a smartphone, which requires the use of 57 kg of CO2, equivalent to a 600 km journey in a small car. All these examples show how economical it is for the environment to reuse devices and other items manufactured in the factory.